Today, convenience continues to take different forms. Uber, for example, has taken the transport niche by storm offering convenient rides. The beauty of these rides is the ease with which they can be ordered. From the comfort of one’s home or location, a ride can be booked, and the rider would be at the point of takeoff in minutes. Interestingly, Uber also provides a payment method for users to make payments when they order rides – the Uber gift card.

Uber Gift Card Not Working

While the Uber gift card makes using Uber seamless, users have stumbled on several bottlenecks that have almost ruined their experience. These users complain of their Uber gift card not working. If you have had issues with your Uber gift card working when ordering rides or paying at Uber Eats, this article will highlight some of the causes and provide solutions to your dilemma.

Uber Gift Card Not Working: Possible Causes + How to Fix

There are several reasons why your Uber gift card may not be working. These reasons include insufficient balance, expired gift card, regional restrictions, and technical glitches. By default, your Uber gift card should work if you are using it to pay for a ride on Uber. However, if you encounter challenges, it is not far from the aforementioned reasons.

I will provide a breakdown of what each of these causes are and how to fix them as we progress in this article.

Insufficient Balance 

One common reason why an Uber gift card may not work is insufficient balance. If the balance on your gift card is not sufficient to cover the cost of your card, it would be declined. Ensure that there are enough funds on your gift card, at least, to cover the ride. Sadly, you cannot load cash into a Uber gift card but you can add more than one gift card to your Uber account.

Expired Gift Card

This is not an obvious reason because Uber gift cards do not have a short expiration timespan. Many users never encounter this problem but Uber gift cards have an expiration date and if you try to use an expired gift card to pay for your ride or at Uber Eats, the card will decline. An Uber gift card is valid for three years after the date of purchase. You won’t be able to use the card after the expiration date.

Regional Restrictions 

On the issue of regional restrictions, there are two sides to this cause: Uber gift cards do not work in certain regions and you cannot use a gift card for a particular region in another region. Not every location where Uber rides are available can use Uber gift cards. For instance, in most African countries, Uber rides are everywhere but they pay with cash or via bank transfers. In these locations, Uber gift cards are not sold. Trying to use your Uber gift card in these locations wouldn’t work.

In the same vein, taking an Uber gift card meant for a country and attempting to use it in another country won’t work, even though the country accepts Uber gift cards. One time I bought Uber gift cards in Canada. When I flew back to the United States, the card refused to work. I consulted Uber’s support team and they told me gift cards bought in Canada can only be used in Canada and the same goes for other countries.

Technical Glitches 

Occasionally, technical issues can prevent gift cards from being redeemed. This can be due to app updates, server maintenance, or other temporary disruptions. In such cases, it is advisable to wait for a while and try again later. I have seen some people suggest removing and adding the gift card if you are sure every other thing is in place. Also, check for updates to be sure you are not using an older version of the app.

How to Activate My Uber Gift Card?

If you bought an Uber gift card, you’d have to add it to your Uber account to use it in paying for your ride or food at Uber Eats. The steps below would help you to activate your Uber gift card:

  1. Open the Uber app on your mobile device
  2. At the top right corner, you’d see a portrait image that leads to your account’s profile.
  3. Click on the portrait icon
  4. When the next page loads, you’d find three tabs: Help, Wallet, and Trips.
  5. Tap the Wallet tab and when the page loads, you’d see the amount of money in your wallet
  6. Just below your wallet’s summary, you’d see a ‘+Add Funds’ option
  7. When you tap the option, you’d see a list of ways you can add money to your account.
  8. Choose gift card
  9. Next, you’d be asked to enter your Uber gift card PIN
  10. Enter your PIN and tap the ‘Add’ button. Then wait for Uber to validate your gift card

How to activate my Uber gift card

Once this is done, your Uber gift card value will be added to your account balance. You can now make use of the balance when paying for rides or food orders.

How to Use Uber Gift Card as Payment?

To use an Uber gift card as a payment, you’d have to add it to your Uber account. Uber gift cards do not work like Visa gift cards or other prepaid gift cards that stand alone and are used without any structure. When you buy an Uber gift card, you must add it to your Uber account as specified in the section above. The value of the gift card will be added to your Uber account through which you can pay for rides or food.

Can I Use my Uber Gift Card for Both Rides and Food Delivery Services?

Yes. You can use your Uber gift card to pay for Uber rides and Uber Eats. Even though Uber has a separate gift card designed for Uber Eats, both are added to your Uber account and when that is done there is no distinction between them anymore. You can place orders to Uber Eats and book Uber rides from the same app and pay using your balance which can be funded with both types of cards.

What is Uber Gift Card Customer Service Number?

The Uber gift card customer service number is 844-324-2346 and the line is open to receive calls from 8 AM to 8 PM (EST). Alternatively, users can contact Uber gift card customer service via email at


Can I use more than one Uber gift card for a single ride?

You can add as many Uber gift cards to your Uber account as you want. The collective balance can be used to pay for a ride if you want.

Can I transfer the balance from one Uber gift card to another?

No. You cannot transfer the balance from one Uber gift card to another. Uber gift cards value are not transferable. If you cannot use a single Uber gift card to make a purchase or pay a ride, you can more gift cards instead.

Can I redeem an Uber gift card for cash?

No, Uber gift cards are non-refundable and cannot be redeemed for cash.


Uber gift cards are a convenient and thoughtful way to give the gift of transportation. However, like any digital payment method, they might experience occasional hiccups. By understanding the common reasons why an Uber gift card may not work and the possible solutions, you can ensure a seamless experience when using this practical form of payment. Always remember to double-check the gift card details, reach out to Uber support for assistance, and enjoy the freedom and flexibility that Uber gift cards provide.

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