Nintendo gift cards have become popular among people who love to play games. However, because the gift card’s code is often concealed by a scratch-off panel, it is easy to accidentally scratch off the gift card code with the silvery panel. If you have encountered an issue like this, rest assured you are not the first and there is no course for alarm. In this article, I will show you what to do when your Nintendo gift card code is scratched off. Whether it is the eShop or Switch gift card, you’d be able to resolve it after reading this piece.

If you accidentally scratch off your Nintendo gift card code, you can recover it by contacting the Nintendo gift card support team. You can contact the team either by making a call to 1-800-255-3700, submitting a help ticket on the Nintendo support page, or sending a text message. Alternatively, you can visit a Nintendo retail store to get your card replaced or recovered. 

A problem like having a gift card code or PIN scratched off doesn’t make the gift card obsolete. I will walk you through the process I have used to recover my Nintendo gift card after I accidentally scratched off the code.

Nintendo Gift Card Code Scratched Off

What To Do if You Accidentally Scratch-Off the Code on a Nintendo Gift Card?

You can recover the code on a Nintendo gift card after scratching it off by following the steps below:

Contact the Nintendo Gift Card Customer Service

The best way to recover a gift card if you accidentally scratch off a Nintendo gift card is to contact Nintendo’s customer support team. They can help you redeem the card or issue a replacement, depending on the specific circumstances. To contact Nintendo’s customer support team, call 1-800-255-3700. You can also visit the customer service platform at where you can submit a help ticket, chat, or send a text message to them.

Be prepared to provide proof of purchase and any other information they may need to assist you. I guarantee you’d have your issue redeemed in record time. Nintendo could add the gift card’s worth to your account or give you a replacement.

Head to the retail store

If you purchased the Nintendo gift card from a physical retail store, you may also want to try heading back to the store to see if they can help you. Depending on the store’s policies, they may be able to issue a replacement card or provide other assistance. Make sure to bring your original receipt and any other documentation you have to support your claim.

How to Redeem Nintendo eShop Gift Card without Code?

How to Redeem Nintendo eShop Gift Card without Code

You cannot redeem a Nintendo eShop gift card without a code. To redeem a Nintendo gift card, you must add the card’s code number which is concealed beneath a gray panel at the back of the gift card. There is no other way to redeem your Nintendo gift card other than entering the code in the Nintendo eShop interface.


The steps shared have proven to be helpful in recovering Nintendo gift card code scratched off. I can say for a surety that Nintendo has one of the best customer services among gaming brands in the United States which is validated by how promptly their customer service and support team responds to the issues presented by users. Contact the support team today at 1-800-255-3700 if you have a dilemma with the Nintendo eShop or Switch gift cards.

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