Wendy’s, the perfect breakfast and lunch destination has grown in popularity over the last two decades. Its history dates back to 1969 and it continues to maintain a reputation for preparing some of the finest breakfast meals in the United States. Together with the demand for its meals, customers also want to know whether their favorite destination allows them to pay with the popular digital payment methods. 

Does Wendy's Take Google Pay

In this article, we’d be looking at any relationship between Wendy’s and Google Pay. The payment method has grown in popularity since its establishment and many wonder if their favorite restaurant accepts this payment method. Let’s find out. 

Does Wendy’s take Google Pay?

Yes. You can use Google Pay to make payments for meals you buy at Wendy’s. Whether you are dining, picking it up at the drive-thru, or requesting delivery, Google Pay is often accepted at Wendy’s and you can enjoy the convenience the payment method offers. 

Moving on, I will show you how to use Google Pay when you are buying from Wendy’s. However, you’d need to note that some Wendy’s may not accept Google Pay. I will go over some of the reasons later on. 

How to Use Google Pay at Wendy’s Online

If you would like to use your Google Pay account to pay for your order when shopping at order.wendys.com, it is pretty easy. 

  1. After placing your order
  2. Proceed to the checkout page
  3. On the checkout page, you’d see the option to add a card number or pay with GPay
  4. Click on GPay and you’d be required to log in to your Gmail account if you haven’t signed in before
  5. Once you are signed in, your Google Pay account will be automatically deducted to pay for your order

How to Pay with Google Pay at Wendy’s Retail Stores

For those who want to pay at Wendy’s drive-thru or inside its stores, you can use Google Pay via the following steps:

  1. Ask the attendant to prepare the Google Pay card reader
  2. Next, unlock your phone and place it above the contactless payment reader
  3. Hold the phone in that position for a while 
  4. You’d get a confirmatory checkmark to show your payment was successful

Note that if you are using a debit card or credit card on your Google Pay, you may be required to enter your PIN. 

Why is my Google Pay not Working at Wendy’s?

Sometimes, you may encounter hitches when using your Google Pay at Wendy’s stores or on its online platform. Based on my experiences, these are some of the reasons Google Pay won’t work at Wendy’s:

Insufficient Funds 

This is obviously the most common reason a payment won’t work. Not having enough funds on your Google Pay to pay for your Wendy’s order will result in a decline in transactions. You should always check that the cards you have added to your account have enough balance to cover your purchase. 

Network Issues

Near-field communications (NFC) is the framework behind the usability of Google Pay. Sometimes, there can be technical glitches that could make the payment processing platform fail. If this is the problem, there is nothing that can be done, except to wait it out. 

Authentication Needed

Sometimes, the cards you might have added need more authentication for payments to be processed. If you are using a credit/debit card that requires more verification before funds can be deducted from it, you may have slight issues using Google Pay.

Wrong Card Reader

Contactless payment readers are different from regular POS terminals. If the attendant comes with a POS terminal and you are trying to use your phone to pay, it won’t work. Ensure that the attendant has brought the right processing facility. 

It is quintessential to note that you cannot use Google Pay unless you have a Gmail account, activated Google Pay, and added credit/debit cards to your account. Placing your phone on a contactless payment reader when the aforementioned steps have not been carried out will result in a decline. 

What Payment Does Wendy’s Accept?

Wendy’s provides customers with a range of payment methods. The following are accepted payment methods at Wendy’s:

  1. Credit cards
  2. Debit cards
  3. Cash
  4. Wendy’s gift cards
  5. Apple Pay
  6. Wendy’s mobile app

Can You Add Google Pay to Wendy’s App?

Can you use Google Pay on Wendy's App

No. While you can use Google Pay on the Wendy’s website platform, the Wendy’s app does not allow you to use Google Pay. There are only two options that can be used when paying using the Wendy’s app. You can either use a credit/debit card or a Wendy’s gift card. 

If you are adding a card, you can permanently add one or use a card temporarily. To use a card temporarily, you have to select the option ‘Once with New Card.’ This will let you add a card to be used to pay only once. The card details won’t be stored. 

What is the Best Payment Method at Wendy’s?

There are a plethora of options available for use at Wendy’s. Depending on what you are comfortable with, you can use your credit/debit card, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Cash, or Wendy’s gift card. In choosing the best payment method at Wendy’s, we would consider what’s best for you. 

This is relative which is why it is hard to decide on a particular answer when it comes to deciding what the best payment method at Wendy’s is. 


Cash is widely accepted at Wendy’s and is a straightforward and convenient option for those who prefer to pay with physical currency.

Credit/Debit Cards

Wendy’s typically accepts major credit and debit cards, such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. This is a convenient option if you prefer not to carry cash.

Mobile Payment Apps

Many Wendy’s locations also accept mobile payment apps such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay. These apps allow you to make secure payments using your smartphone.

Wendy’s Gift Cards

If you have Wendy’s gift card, you can use it to pay for your meal. Gift cards are a great option if you want to budget your spending or if you’ve received a gift card as a present.

Wendy’s Mobile App

Some Wendy’s locations allow customers to shop using the Wendy’s mobile app which allows you to place orders and make payments directly from your smartphone. The app may also offer rewards and special offers. 

I like to use Wendy’s gift cards and Google Pay when shopping at Wendy’s. If you are an Apple user, you would want to use Apple Pay. Overall, using a card or cash is the surest way to pay at Wendy’s both in retail stores and online. 


Wendy’s makes accessing breakfast and lunch meals easy and they’ve also made paying for them easy too. You can use Google Pay and other contactless payment methods at Wendy’s and I am optimistic that having read through this article, you know how it works and what might hinder it from working. 


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