Yes. Wendy’s has milkshakes. Although, you won’t find ‘milkshake’ on the Wendy’s menu, the ‘Frosty’ tab on the menu is what milkshakes at Wendy’s are called. Wendy’s milkshakes come in two flavors: Strawberry and Classic Chocolate. What you get when you order Wendy’s milkshake is a frozen drink that is made with ice cream and has whipped cream as a topping. 

Does Wendy's Have Milkshakes

While Wendy’s is famous for its square-shaped hamburgers, the fast-food chain makes some of the best milkshakes. If you are anything like me, getting the perfect milkshake is a priority. Milkshake enthusiasts and fast-food aficionados will do anything to get a good milkshake, especially during summer times. This post takes a cursory look at Wendy’s Frosty milkshake, what is it about, and how to get it.

Does Wendy’s Have Milkshakes in 2023?

Wendy’s sells milkshakes even in 2023. The fast-food chain offers its customers Frosty which is ice cream served with a topping of whipped cream. You can get the Wendy’s milkshake either in strawberry or chocolate flavors. 

What is the Frosty Milkshake at Wendy’s Made Of?

The Frosty at Wendy’s may not be the typical milkshake-kind of stuff but it is what the restaurant is offering. This delightful creation strikes a balance between a milkshake and an ice cream float, offering a creamy and satisfying experience.

What sets Frosty apart is its texture. Unlike a traditional milkshake, it boasts a thicker consistency, reminiscent of the iconic Frosty vanilla soft serve ice cream that has been Wendy’s staple since 1969.

Crafted from a blend of custard, sugar, and various flavorings, Frosty’s recipe may vary slightly by location. Initially available only in chocolate, it has evolved to include a vanilla option, broadening its appeal to a wider audience.

With a rich history dating back to its introduction, the Frosty continues to be a beloved treat on Wendy’s menu, offering a distinct and enjoyable frozen dessert option.

Where is the Wendy’s Milkshake Menu?

Wendy's Milkshake Menu

Locating Wendy’s milkshake menu can be tricky. This is because it is not called a milkshake but Frosty. Instead of looking for the milkshake, look out for Frosty. On Wendy’s menu, you’ll find Frosty after Beverages just before Bakery. If you are ordering online, you’d have to click on the Frosty tab and you’ll see the options: strawberry and classic chocolate.

Is a Frosty a Milkshare or Ice Cream?

A Frosty at Wendy’s is a milkshake. Well, it contains ice cream but that is not the only ingredient that makes up a milkshake. Frosty is made of soft-serve ice cream and whipped cream. They are blended with added flavor and in Wendy’s case, strawberry and chocolate are the flavors. It is best served chilled. Hence, a Frosty is a milkshake and not just an ice cream.

How Much is a Frosty Milkshake?

The cost of a Frosty milkshake ranges depending on the calories. You can buy a Frosty from as low as $1.29 to as high as $4.69. However, it is important to note that the cost of a Frosty milkshake at Wendy’s varies from location to location.

What’s the Difference Between Frosty and Ice Cream?

The difference between Frosty sold at Wendy’s and traditional ice cream is in the ingredients, preparation method, and serving temperature. For ingredients, Frosty by Wendy’s contain milk, ice cream, sugar, whipped cream toppings, and flavors. Traditional ice cream, on the other hand, consists of cream, milk, sugar, and often egg yolks which are heated and then cooled while being churned to create a smooth and creamy texture.

Preparing Frosty involves mixing and blending the ingredients and then allowing it to cool while you’d have to heat the ingredients for ice cream and get it chilled before it can be consumed. Finally, Frosties are typically served at a colder temperature, resembling that of a frozen dessert. Ice cream is served at a slightly warmer temperature, allowing it to be scooped easily.

Can You Drink a Wendy’s Frosty?

The texture of a Wendy’s Frosty makes it difficult to drink. Although you can drink it, I do sometimes, it is only advisable that you use a spoon and ‘eat’ the Frosty. Its texture and consistency make it easy to use a spoon and scoop it. You can use a straw but then I do not encourage it.

Can You Keep a Frosty in the Fridge?

If you buy a Frosty and you won’t be taking it immediately, you can keep it in your fridge. Under cold conditions, a milkshake’s shelf life is about 3 months. While a milkshake can go bad in a fridge, it can be there for at least 90 days.

Notwithstanding, there’s no certainty the quality and taste would be retained for that long. Hence, I advise that you consume your Frosty within a week after you purchase it, having preserved it in your fridge.

What Happened to the Peppermint Frosty?

Sometime in 2022, Wendy’s announced it would be releasing a new Frosty flavor – Peppermint. The flavor has been discontinued ever since. It was discontinued as Wendy’s didn’t want to incorporate it as part of its offerings but just to give customers something new for the holiday season that year.

I think the Peppermint flavor was stopped due to consumer demand. Maybe a lot of customers didn’t like the released flavor and the fast-food chain had to stop its production.

Would There Be New Frosty Flavors at Wendy’s?

It is not certain whether Wendy’s will introduce new flavors. The company has not hinted at any possible flavor addition but there’s every possibility that as the holiday season approaches, a new flavor may be introduced like it happened last year. Until then, there are only two Frosty flavors available at Wendy’s.


You can enjoy a good, fine-tasting milkshake at Wendy’s. Remember you should be asking for a Frosty and you can choose between the strawberry or chocolate flavor. Both flavors are guaranteed to give you the maximum satisfaction you need.

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