American Express is one of the best credit card networks in the United States and with growth in patronage at Popeyes, it is only normal that people would like to know if Popeyes takes American Express. If you are a customer at Popeyes and wondering if you can use your AMEX credit card to pay, this article is going to show you the answers you seek.

Does Popeyes Take American Express

Does Popeyes Take American Express?

Yes. Popeyes takes American Express. If you shop at Popeyes’ stores across the country, you can use your American Express credit card to pay for your purchases. In addition to accepting American Express credit card payments, Popeyes also lets customers pay using other credit cards such as MasterCard, Discover, VISA, and EBT cards. 

As far back as 2016, Popeyes did not accept American Express, but today, you can use that to make payments. We would explore other payment methods that are now accepted at Popeyes. It is important to know these payment methods so you are adequately prepared when you shop at Popeyes.

Payment Methods Accepted at Popeyes

The following are Popeyes payment methods that can be used to make purchases at Popeyes:

  1. Credit cards such as MasterCard, Discover, AMEX, and VISA.
  2. Debit cards
  3. EBT/SNAP cards
  4. Apple Pay
  5. Google Pay
  6. Cash

You will be able to make payments at Popeyes stores across the United States without any hitches. However, payment methods often differ from location to location even among stores belonging to a single chain. For instance, while the store in New York may accept American Express, you shouldn’t be surprised to see the store in Arizona rejecting the same card.

To be safe, always call the Popeyes store close to you or which you intend to buy from to confirm if they accept your preferred payment option.

Does Popeyes Take Credit Cards?

Yes. Popeyes takes credit cards. It accepts some of the popular credit cards in the United States including MasterCard, Discover, VISA, and American Express. Many people prefer using credit cards for their transactions, as they offer convenience and often come with additional benefits such as rewards programs or cashback offers. If you would like to use a credit card at Popeyes, you can do so with ease.

Why is my American Express Card not Working at Popeyes?

Why is my American Express card not workng

There are a handful of reasons why your American Express credit card is not working when you’re shopping at Popeyes either online or in its retail stores. I have provided a couple of explanations below:

Acceptance Policy

While American Express credit cards are generally accepted at Popeyes, chances are you are shopping at a store that still maintains its rejection of the card as a payment method. Stores belonging to the same brand around the US often do not completely accept payment methods. It is possible that the Popeyes store in your location based on their desired business agreement or customer preference wouldn’t accept American Express credit cards.

Technical Issues

Temporary technical glitches or connectivity problems can sometimes affect card transactions. The card reader or payment processing system at the specific Popeyes location may be experiencing issues that prevent the acceptance of American Express cards at that moment.

Expired or Blocked Card

If you are shopping in a Popeyes store that accepts American Express and your card is not accepted, it is possible the card has expired or is blocked. To confirm if your card expired, look for the expiration date on your card which is a string of four numbers separated in half by a forward slash (/). A card that has expired will have a date earlier than 08/23 which means August 2023.

For a blocked card, the only way to confirm is by contacting American Express customer service as obtaining a new card is necessary.

Insufficient Funds or Credit Limit

If the American Express card does not have sufficient available credit or if the cardholder has reached their credit limit, the transaction may be declined. Verifying the available credit or contacting American Express to address any credit limit concerns would be advisable.

Entering Wrong Card Details 

Whether you are shopping online or buying in a store, if you enter your American Express PIN or card number wrongly, your card will decline. Ensure you are entering your AMEX card details properly.

Does Popeyes take American Express in Louisiana?

Yes. Popeyes accepts American Express as a payment method in Louisiana. However, it is quintessential to call the specific store you are buying from to be sure they are accepting your preferred credit card method.


In conclusion, Popeyes does accept American Express as a form of payment at most of its locations. However, it is important to note that acceptance of American Express may vary depending on the specific Popeyes restaurant and its ownership. To avoid any inconvenience, it is recommended to check with the Popeyes location you plan to visit to ensure they accept American Express or to explore alternative payment options.

So, next time you’re craving some crispy fried chicken or mouthwatering biscuits from Popeyes, feel confident knowing that you can use your American Express card to satisfy your cravings. Enjoy your meal and the convenience of using your preferred credit card at Popeyes!

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