Menards does not accept Google Pay. The leading grocery store does not accept Google Pay and other contactless payment methods. If you are planning on using this popular contactless payment while shopping at Menards, I am sorry to say it won’t work.

This can be very disappointing considering how much the use of contactless payments has become widespread providing ease and convenience. Several stores and brands have already adopted the use of Google Pay but others are still delaying to join in the trend.

While Google Pay may not be accepted at Menards, there are other payment alternatives that you can make use of. In this article, we will be exploring what Menards’ payment methods are and how you can use them for seamless shopping. I know contactless payment makes things easier but at Menards, you will have to make do with conventional payment methods. Without further ado, let’s get into it.

Does Menards Accept Google Pay

What Forms of Payment Methods Does Menards Accept?

The forms of payment methods accepted at Menards are very unique to the store. They include:

  1. Menards Big Card
  2. Menards Contractor Card
  3. Menards Commercial Card
  4. Credit/Debit Cards by MasterCard, VISA, Discover, and American Express
  5. Rebates
  6. Menards Gift Card

With any of the above payment methods, you can pay for your orders at Menards. It is also important to identify some of the payment methods that will not be accepted at Menards. This is because some of them are normal conventional payment methods but surprisingly does not accept them.

Payment Methods that are not Accepted at

The payment methods not accepted at Menards include:

  1. Cash: As funny as this may sound, Menards does not accept cash as a payment method. You cannot use cash to make payments for your orders from Menards.
  2. Checks: There is no type of checks are accepted at Menards. From payroll checks to personal checks, business checks, and so on, Menards has a no-check acceptance policy
  3. Money Orders: Money orders are usually accepted around the United States but Menards does not accept money orders.
  4. Gift card without PIN: If you have a Menards gift card and you aren’t armed with its PIN, you won’t be able to use it to pay for your orders at Menards even though Menards gift cards are accepted at Menards.
  5. Menards Merchandise Credit Check: Surprisingly, the Menards Merchandise Credit Check is not accepted at Menards. While the store issues this check, it does not accept it from customers looking to use it to pay for their purchases.
  6. Menards Rebate: Menards customers can only use Rebates for in-store purchases and not for purchases on

Does Menards Accept Mobile Pay?

Menards accepts mobile pay but not contactless payments as we know it. In the place of Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, and Google Pay, Menards has introduced the Menards mobile application which is equipped with a wallet feature that allows customers to pay for their orders at Menards using their mobile phones. It works by scanning a barcode from the My Wallet feature on the Menards app which automatically processes your payment at checkout.

Does Menards accept mobile pay

To make use of this mobile pay feature by Menards, you will have to:

  1. Download the Menards mobile app
  2. Create a personal account or log in to your existing account
  3. Next, add your Menards BIG Card as a payment method. This will be used to make your mobile payments
  4. You can add more than one card to the mobile pay feature
  5. At checkout, the Menards cashier will scan the barcode on your Menards app and your payment will be automatically processed

Why is My Card not Working on Menards?

There are a couple of reasons why your credit or debit card may not work on Menards. If you have encountered issues trying to pay for your Menards order with your card, the following could be possible reasons:

  • Insufficient Funds: You may not have enough funds on your card to pay for the order. Not having enough funds will make your card not work when you are paying for your order at Menards
  • Incorrect PIN or Details: Entering your PIN incorrectly at in-store checkout and your details at the online checkout store will produce errors.
  • Invalid Card: Another reason your card may not work on Menards could be that your card is not among the participating cards at Menards. If you are using a card that is not provided by American Express, MasterCard, Discover, and VISA.

Does Menards Accept Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is not accepted at Menards. Just like Samsung Pay and Google Pay, Apple Pay is not accepted as a payment method by Menards. You will have to make use of the specified Menards payment options which include its prepaid cards, gift cards, Rebates (for in-store purchases only), and credit cards by Discover, AMEX, VISA, and MasterCard.

Will Menards Accept Google Pay in the Future?

It is hard to say whether Menards will embrace the use of Google Pay or other contactless payment methods. There is every chance that they may begin to accept it when customer demand increases. Most brands and stores that have begun to process contactless payments began to do so when the demand from customers became high. In the same vein, I am optimistic that with increased customer demand for contactless payment at Menards, the brand may decide to start rolling it out.

Another caveat to this issue is that Menards has already developed a pseudo-contactless payment facility in its Menards mobile app. The application allows customers to make payments for their orders at the checkout point in Menards stores nationwide. Customers only need to create an account on the app, add the Menards BIG card, and scan the barcode provided by the app when they need to pay.

Bottom Line

Contactless payment is the rave of the moment in the shopping world but not every store accepts its use. Shoppers at Menards cannot use Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Samsung Pay at Menards. Although this is disappointing talk, Menards has provided its own version of this contactless payment option to meet the needs of shoppers. If you are a contactless payment enthusiast, you can download the Menards mobile app and use it when shopping at Menards stores.


Does Menards accept checks in-store?

You can use checks to pay for your orders at Menards in-store. It is an easy way to make payments for your orders at Menards stores using checks.

Does Menards take Afterpay?

No. Menards does not take Afterpay. It is not certain whether you can buy something from Menards and pay in installments. The Menards payment options do not specify whether Afterpay is accepted. Afterpay helps buyers spread payments for groceries and other goods over four or six payment installments. However, you can’t use it when shopping at Menards.

Does Menards accept EBT?

EBT is an incredible initiative devised to make grocery purchases available for low-income earners possible. However, not every store allows the use of EBT cards for shopping and Menards is one of them. You cannot use your EBT card or SNAP benefits to shop at Menards.

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