does lowes sell makita tools

Lowe’s used to sell Makita tools but has since stopped selling them. If you were hoping to find Makita tools at Lowe’s, you might be out of luck. The retail giant has discontinued its partnership with the Makita brand, and as a result, Makita tools are no longer available for purchase at Lowe’s.

Numerous Lowe’s customers have expressed their disappointment with the discontinuation of Makita power tools at the store. It is unclear why the brand decided to stop selling Makita tools, given that they have become a dependable set of essentials for individuals in the home improvement and construction sectors. This sudden halt of Makita products at Lowe’s has left many wondering about the reasons behind it.

We spoke to a source close to Makita and have shared some of the findings.

Why Lowe’s Doesn’t Sell Makita Tools?

After the news and enforcement of Lowe’s discontinuance became a reality, sources from Makita revealed that the move primarily revolved around commission rates, as Makita sought more favorable terms to enhance its profitability.

Makita had initiated negotiations with Lowe’s in an attempt to reach a consensus on the commission rates. However, the home improvement retailer, Lowe’s, reportedly showed reluctance to finance the proposed terms. This impasse ultimately led to Makita exploring alternative partnerships.

While both Makita and Lowe’s have refrained from commenting further on the specifics of the disagreement, the shift in partnerships signals a significant change in the distribution landscape for Makita tools. Industry analysts are closely watching the repercussions of this decision on both Makita and Lowe’s, as they navigate their separate paths in the competitive home improvement market.

The sources also indicate that Makita’s decision to seek a new partnership aligns with its strategic goals of maximizing profitability and expanding market reach. Meanwhile, Lowe’s has gone on to reassess its power tool offerings in the absence of Makita products.

Where to Get Makita Tools?

While Lowe’s no longer sells Makita tools, there are still various options available for those interested in purchasing them. The following are some of the popular retailers and online websites where you can get Makita tools in the United States:

  1. Makita Local Dealers 
  2. Home Depot 
  3. Acme Tools 
  4. The Tool Nut
  5. Costco
  6. Best Buy
  7. Screwfix
  8. Steadman Ace Hardware
  9. D&M Tools
  10. STO
  11. Jim & Slim Tools Supply 
  12. Sunlight Mitre 10

Additionally, you can find dealers around the United States where Makita’s fleet of tools are sold. To do this, visit and your location in the circled section on the right side of the website as seen in the screenshot below. 

where to get Makita tools

What Power Tools are Sold at Lowe’s?

If you’re looking to buy power tools from Lowe’s, you’re in luck! The store offers a wide variety of high-quality tools from some of the most reputable brands in the world. While they may not have Makita’s tools, they do have a range of tools to choose from:

  • Kobalt®
  • Bosch
  • SKIL
  • Metabo HPT
  • FLEX
  • Dremel
  • WEN
  • Evolution

These brands offer a diverse selection of power tools to cater to various needs and preferences.

Is There a Makita Power Drill at Lowe’s?

Unfortunately, no. Despite any speculations, Makita power drills, along with other Makita tools, did not survive the discontinuation at Lowe’s. If you specifically seek Makita power drills, you will need to explore alternative retailers such as Home Depot or other authorized dealers that carry Makita products.

Final Thought on Does Lowe’s Sell Makita Tools?

Lowe’s does not sell Makita tools but thankfully there are a handful of other power tools brands that the store has. These brands are reckoned to offer users the same level of quality and craftsmanship as Makita tools. If you must shop at Lowe’s, you may be disappointed to not find Makita products but the power tools section at the store is loaded with enough options to try.


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