In April 2023, Kroger began accepting Apple Pay in some of its locations. At the moment, Kroger takes Apple Pay in stores located in Kentucky and Ohio. There have been a couple of reports that the store locations in North and South Carolina accept Apple Pay but this has not been verified. 

This article explores all the aspects of Kroger’s acceptance of Apple Pay. If you’d like to know whether the Kroger near you accepts Apple Pay or alternatives, this article will answer your questions. Apple Pay continues to be a greatly sought-after payment method thanks to the growth of Apple products and the ease of using Apple Pay. If you are a fan of Apple Pay and shop at Kroger or any of its sister brands, you’ll discover if both of your preferred brands work together. 

Does Kroger Take Apple Pay?

Can I Use Apple Pay at Kroger?

Yes, only if you are shopping at a Kroger store located in Kentucky or Ohio. According to multiple reports by Twitter and Reddit users, Apple Pay is now accepted at Kroger stores in Kentucky and Ohio. You can only use Apple Pay if you are shopping in one of the aforementioned states. 

Although Kentucky and Ohio are the only verified states where Kroger is currently accepting Apple Pay, there are speculations that Georgia, Texas, and the Carolinas also enjoy this provision. However, these speculations are not entirely true. Let’s explore what it is in some of these regions. 

Does Kroger take Apple Pay in Georgia?

No. Kroger has 165 stores across 75 cities in Georgia but none of them currently accepts Apple Pay. Shopping at Kroger stores in Georgia would require using traditional means to pay such as credit/debit cards or cash. 

The current roll-out of Apple Pay as a payment option by Kroger indicates it would soon be available in Georgia but at the time of writing this article, Georgia Kroger stores do not accept Apple Pay. 

Does Kroger take Apple Pay in Texas?

There’s no indication that Kroger accepts Apple Pay at its stores in Texas. The Lone Star State has 200+ stores owned by Kroger but none of them currently accepts Apple Pay. One of the many reasons Kroger does not accept Apple Pay in its Texas locations is that it has developed its own contactless payment called Kroger Pay (I’d discuss this later). 

Does Kroger take Apple Pay in the Carolinas?

Kroger used to accept Apple Pay in North and South Carolina. This didn’t last for too long as the stores stopped offering Apple Pay claiming it was a company policy to not have Apple Pay among its payment method. 

It would then refer customers who were hell-bent on using Apple Pay to try its tap-to-pay method, Kroger Pay. 

Why is my Apple Pay not Working at Kroger?

There are a couple of reasons your Apple Pay may not work when you shop at Kroger. Aside from the fact Apple Pay is not accepted at every Kroger location, the following are reasons your Apple Pay isn’t working at Kroger:

  1. Insufficient balance on cards
  2. Wrong payment reader
  3. Network glitches

If network issues is causing problems with payment processing at Kroger when using Apple Pay, there’s pretty much nothing you can do other than wait it out.

What Kroger Payment Options Are There?

With the discrepancies faced with using Apple Pay at Kroger, it is quintessential to note what other Kroger payment options there are. Some of them include:

Kroger Pay

Kroger Payment Options

Kroger Pay is the brand’s contactless payment option. The platform allows customers to buy from Kroger stores and other participating stores and even accrue loyalty points when they do so. These points can be used to make other purchases after they’ve accrued to a certain threshold.

When paying with Kroger Pay, users can add their credit and debit cards, and with the QR Code provided pay for what they order at Kroger.

To use Kroger Pay, customers have to create an account, add their preferred credit card or debit card, set the app to point to the location they are buying from, and then make payments. The app debits what they owe from their default card. Just like Apple Pay and Google Pay, you can choose a different card from the default card and make payments.

Kroger Pay works on iPhone and Android phones which eliminates the need to use Apple Pay and Google Pay. Sadly, you cannot use Kroger Pay at Kroger fuel centers.


Cash is accepted almost everywhere. It remains the only conventional means to make payments when you shop in retail stores. You can use cash to pay for your purchase at Kroger stores across the nation.

Kroger Gift Cards

Kroger gift cards were created to give customers a seamless way to make purchases when they shop at Kroger locations and other participating stores. There are about 200 gift cards sold by Kroger and you can get them as physical cards or eGift cards.

Aside from selling its own gift cards, Kroger also sells Visa, Uber, Chipotle, Fred Meyer, Doordash, Starbucks, Speedway,, MasterCard, and a variety of other gift cards.

Major Credit and Debit Cards

You can pay at Kroger using major card companies such as American Express, VISA, MasterCard, and Discover. Card payments have formed what we know as digital payments for a long time and you can still use them at Kroger stores.


Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Programme and Electronic Benefits Transfer (SNAP/EBT) cards are another way you can buy and pay at Kroger. The initiative was launched as a means to give Americans access to groceries and food products.

If you have an EBT card, you can buy groceries at Kroger.

Business and Payroll Checks

You can use business and payroll checks to shop at Kroger stores. However, not every check is accepted at Kroger. The store announced it selects checks that it accepts. To be sure the Kroger you want to shop in accepts a particular business check, call and confirm.

Will Kroger Pay Work on iPhone?

Will Kroger Pay work on iPhone

Yes. Kroger Pay works on iPhones. If you have an iPhone, you can download the Kroger Pay app from the Apple App Store and after creating your account, start using it to pay at Kroger stores.

Final Thoughts on Does Kroger Take Apple Pay

Kroger takes Apple Pay but only in some of its stores in Kentucky and Ohio. Currently, only these two states accept Apple Pay but the widespread adoption looks possible. However, it is better to be prepared should Apple Pay not be available at the store you are shopping in. Some of the Kroger payment options that you can use include cash, credit and debit cards, SNAP/EBT cards, and checks.


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