Home Depot no longer accepts Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay

Home Depot, one of America’s biggest home improvement companies was among the first brands to accept the contactless payment technology, allowing its customers to pay for their goods with Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay. Sadly, this initiative may have seen its end. Sometime in 2023, Home Depot announced it was going to discontinue the acceptance of digital payment methods and while there were several debates about this move, the company went into action and shut down its contactless payment arm.

Why Home Depot No Longer Accepts Contactless Payments?

There were many takes on why Home Depot was stopping the acceptance of Apple Pay and other contactless payment options. One of the widely accepted belief was that Home Depot was trying to get its over 1.6 billion customers to use its in-house credit card option which includes its consumer card and commercial card. Underlying this move is without doubt the need for Home Depot to reduce the cost of operating Apple Pay, Google Pay, and other digital payment methods.

A spokesperson from Home Depot explained that the store wanted to save operational cost to ensure they continue to provide the competive pricing for home improvement goods, By fousing on promoting its credit card, Home Depot was saving billions of dollars that was used to pay for the use of Apple Pay and its simlitudes. No one will want to single out Home Depot for discontinuing the use of contactless payments. They are only popular among a large community of brands in the United States that embraced Apple Pay and Google Pay in their early days but had to stop due to the increasing costs of running these payment channels.

Rather than continuing the feeding of Apple and Google, with recent Samsung Pay, Home Depot and a handful of other stores, supermarkets, and brands across the nation have decided to create channels for payment that still offer the same ease as contactless payment methods. Home Depot’s response is the creation of its credit card and the Pro Xtra loyalty program. While both initiatives do not work like the tap to pay structure of Apple Pay and Google Pay, they provide a level of ease and convenience that is applaudable.

For instance, the Home Depot Consumer Credit Card offers deferred interest on purchases of $299 or more. This has been challenged by financial experts who believe it is a situation where one sits on a time bomb. In essence, you enjoy deferred interests but failing to pay off the balance once the deferred interest period is over will result in being charged all the interest that was accruing from the day you made the purchase. This can pose serious financial implications.

Another aspect of the Home Depot credit card initiative is that there are different cards for a range of purposes. Customers are offered the Consumer Credit Card and Commercial Credit Card and Home Depot has added the Project Loan Card. The Project Loan Card allows cardholders to borrow up to $55,000 for big improvement projects. Unfortunately, loyalty when it comes to using the Home Depot card doesn’t work as much as the loyalty programs from other stores.

What Home Depot Payment Methods are Available Today?

If you must shop at Home Depot, the following are the payment methods you can use both online and offline:

  1. Home Depot Consumer Credit Card
  2. Home Depot Commercial Credit Card
  3. Visa
  4. MasterCard
  5. American Express
  6. Home Depot Gift Card
  7. eGift Card

These payment methods are the only ways you can make payments when you shop at homedepot.com or its stores nationwide. Apple users who insist on using Apple Pay to buy home improvement products can shop at Home Depot’s rivals, Lowe’s. However, there are rumors Lowe’s may also join the bandwagon in discontinuing the use of Apple Pay and other tap to pay channels. For now, this is not the case but we wait to see what the future would hold.

At Lowe’s, you would not expect the fares to be affordable as Home Depot is a preferred choice among many Americans today because they sell at cheaper rates than Lowe’s.

What is the Future for Apple Pay at Home Depot?

There is a dink of hope for Apple Pay users at Home Depot. The store has hinted that contactless payment may be return but in the months since the hints were released there haven’t been any evidence to prove that this would happen. While Home Depot continues to assure customers that they are committed to providing diverse and accessible payment solutions that cater to their preferences and needs, it is clear the overhead costs of running contactless payments in their stores is a major hindrance to its return.

For preferred choices, customers should stick to the use of credit cards from MasterCard, AMEX, and Visa when shopping at Home Depot. The contactless payment method guys will have to make do with this also or shop at Lowe’s. Professionals who want to get the items they need for their work might as well join the Pro Xtra program. All in all, the new focus for shoppers at Home Depot would be traditional credit card options.


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