Does Home Depot Sell Steam Gift Cards

Home Depot is a household name in the United States for offering a wide range of home improvement tools and items. Aside from the regular things we know we can get from Home Depot, the store also sells gift cards. There are a handful of third-party gift cards that are sold at Home Depot together with third-party cards but does Home Depot sell Steam gift cards?

Steam gift cards are used to purchase games, gaming software, and hardware on Steam. Every gamer understands that with a Steam gift certificate, you can easily make payments for the essentials you need on Steam. In this article, we’ll look at whether Home Depot sells Steam gift cards and how to get them. 

Does Home Depot Sell Steam Gift Cards?

Sadly, Home Depot does not sell Steam gift cards. Although Home Depot has a decent fleet of third-party gift cards they sell in their stores nationwide, they do not sell Steam gift cards. It’s worth exploring other retailers or online platforms that specialize in gaming products for purchasing Steam gift cards.

While there is no explanation for the absence of Steam gift cards, there are gift cards for gaming that are sold at Home Depot. Let’s discuss what some of these gift cards are.

What Gift Cards Does Home Depot Sell?

If you want to buy a gift card from Home Depot both online and in its stores nationwide, the following are the brands they sell from:

  1. Academy Sports + Outdoors
  2. AMC Theatres
  3. American Eagle Outfitters
  4. Applebee’s
  5. Athleta
  6. Auntie Anne’s – Mix It Up®
  7. AutoZone
  8. Baby Gap
  9. Barnes & Noble
  10. Bass Pro Shops
  11. Bath & Body Works
  12. BP
  13. Brinker-Chili’s
  14. Buffalo Wild Wings
  16. Cabela’s
  17. Carvel – Mix It Up®
  18. Chili’s
  19. Chipotle Mexican Grill
  20. Cinnabon – Mix It Up®
  21. Cold Stone Creamery ®
  22. Cracker Barrel
  23. Darden® Restaurants
  24. Delta Air Lines
  25. Disney Gift Card
  26. Domino’s
  27. DSW
  28. Express
  29. Fanatics
  30. GameStop
  31. Gap
  32. Gap Options
  33. Google Play
  35. Jack in the Box
  36. Jersey Mike’s
  37. Kohl’s
  38. LongHorn Steakhouse®
  39. lululemon
  40. Marshalls
  41. McAlister’s Deli – Mix It Up®
  42. McDonald’s
  43. Moe’s Southwest Grill – Mix It Up®
  44. Old Navy
  45. Olive Garden®
  46. Outback Steakhouse
  47. Panda Express
  48. Panera Bread®
  49. Papa John’s Pizza
  50. Petsmart
  51. Victoria’s Secret PINK
  52. Red Robin
  53. Regal
  54. Schlotzsky’s – Mix It Up
  55. Subway®
  56. Taco Bell
  57. Texas Roadhouse
  58. The Company Store
  59. T.J. Maxx
  60. Topgolf
  61. Total Wine & More
  62. Victoria’s Secret
  63. Visa
  64. Wendy’s
  65. Xbox
  66. Yard House®
  67. Zaxby’s

It is important to note that the availability of these gift cards varies from location to location. While you may be able to order these gift cards at any time from the Home Depot specialty gift cards page, you may not find them in stores near you. 

Where Can I Buy Steam Gift Cards?

Home Depot is not the place to go when you need to buy Steam gift cards but there are a handful of other stores and retailers where Steam gift cards can be bought. They include:

  1. Steam website
  2. GameStop
  3. Best Buy
  4. Walmart 
  5. Target
  6. Amazon 
  7. MyGiftCardSupply

Can I Use Steam Gift Cards to Shop at Home Depot?

No. Steam gift cards can only be used to buy Steam games, gaming software, and hardware. All of which are not sold at Home Depot. Hence, you cannot use Steam gift cards to pay for things at Home Depot. Except, of course, Home Depot decides to start selling products by Steam. 

What Gift Cards Can I Use While Shopping at Home Depot?

It is important to note that while Home Depot sells a variety of gift cards from other stores and retailers, you can only use the Home Depot gift card and eGift card to pay for things at Home Depot. You cannot, for instance, use an Amazon gift card to pay for your purchase at Home Depot. 

To shop at Home Depot, you either use the brand’s physical gift card or its eGift card. However, it is important to note that you cannot buy a gift card from any brand with the Home Depot gift card

Can I Buy Visa Gift Cards with My Home Depot Credit Card?

While the Home Depot® Credit Card offers convenience for in-store and online purchases directly from Home Depot, it is important to note that you cannot use this credit card to purchase gift cards online. This limitation is due to the third-party vendor restrictions on their website. 

Additionally, the Home Depot® Credit Card cannot be used to buy gift cards from other retailers; its use is exclusively restricted to transactions within Home Depot’s physical stores and on their official website

Final Thoughts on Does Home Depot Sell Steam Gift Cards

Home Depot’s exclusion of Steam gift cards may not sit well with gamers who are loyal to its brand but its other gift card offerings complement this problem. For instance, you can shop GameStop gift cards on Home Depot which can be used to buy gaming products. 

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