Fast-food restaurants have become favorite hangout spots for a lot of people since it saves them the time and energy spent preparing their meals. Amidst the joys of ease and convenience enjoyed at these fast-food restaurants, customers clamor for more, especially with payment. The digital payment revolution is sweeping across the US and as brands embrace the move, people wonder if their favorite spots now accept these payment methods. In this blog post, I’d be talking about one of my favorite spots and whether they accept Samsung Pay.

Does Dairy Queen Accept Samsung Pay

Does Dairy Queen accept Samsung pay?

Yes. Dairy Queen accepts Samsung Pay as a payment option. You can use Samsung Pay to make payments for your order at Dairy Queen easily. 

Samsung Pay is one of the latest payment methods where you pay with your digital wallet. As you read further I will explain why Samsung Pay is the best payment method for any customer that wants to pay securely at Dairy Queen. Samsung Pay as I said earlier is a digital wallet that allows customers to pay with their Samsung devices. When you want to pay at any dairy queen restaurant all you have to do is tap on the payment button and input your PIN Viola process is complete although for this to happen you have to be sure they have cashless provisions in the store.

Samsung Pay works similarly to Apple Pay and Google Pay just that it is made especially for Samsung devices like Samsung phones and tablets and other higher Android versions.

Why is using Samsung Pay at Dairy Queen of great advantage?

Paying with Samsung Pay is very convenient in the sense that you don’t have to worry about the hassles of carrying cash around. It can save you from embarrassing moments especially when you have to pay for things you bought and notice you didn’t bring your wallet which probably contains your money and your cards. Having Samsung Pay makes it easier for you to pay since you are always with your phones and tablets it’s just like carrying your money with you. Your information is saved securely in your phones which makes it easy to pay with.

Also having Samsung Pay helps you save, this can only happen when you take advantage of their loyalty offers and discount. Paying for a lot with less becomes a way to save more.

Are there some disadvantages of using Samsung Pay at Dairy Queen? Oh yes

If the dairy queen restaurant you are currently in does not have an NFC-enabled terminal then it will be impossible for you to pay with Samsung pay

Also, it may also be impossible for you to use Samsung Pay if you are using an outdated device version which is incompatible with the payment option.

There are other ways you can pay at Dairy Queen and they include :

  1. Cash: Cash is a universal way of payment that is accepted in nearly every business area including the dairy queen.
  2. Credit/debit card:  With your credit/debit card you can be able to make payments at any dairy queen store. They accept cards ranging from Visa, Mastercard, Diners Club, American Express, Discover Cards, etc.
  3. Apple Pay: They offer contactless payments through Apple and Google Pay which works almost exactly in the same way as Samsung Pay
  4. Google Pay: Just like Samsung and Apple Pay shoppers  can also make payments using google pay

How to use Samsung Pay at dairy queen

In order to make payment via Samsung Pay at dairy queen you need to have a Samsung device or any other smartphone that uses Samsung Pay. Using Samsung Pay at Dairy Queen is very easy and convenient. You make payment at the store using Samsung Pay by following these steps

  1. Open the Samsung Pay app on your phone
  2. Tap the pay button and select the card you want to use
  3. Click pay and choose your desired PIN or fingerprint or Iris scan or whichever security detail your phone needs to ensure a secure and successful payment
  4. Enter the required information
  5. Hold your phone over the contactless reader to complete the transaction.

Can I use Samsung Pay on any phone?

Yes, you can use Samsung Pay on any phone with Android version 6.0 and above that being said. Samsung Pay doesn’t work on phones with lower Android versions. In order to use Samsung Pay update your Android version to 6.0 and above.

Samsung Pay vs Apple Pay: Which is Better at Dairy Queen?

Both Apple Pay and Samsung Pay are accepted at Dairy Queen but which is better? This section discusses which I think is the better of both options when it comes to making payments at Dairy Queen.


While Apple Pay is limited to only Apple users Samsung Pay is made available to all compatible Android users with a higher Android version of 6.0 and above. So while it’s easier for Apple users to use apple pay at dairy queen Samsung Pay is more flexible and can be used by anyone with a phone. Also when it comes to flexibility all the latest versions of Mac OS have Apple Pay inbuilt in them this means you can pay with your laptop if your phones are not within reach meanwhile Samsung Pay has not been enabled in any computer operating system yet meaning it’s only restricted to Samsung or android devices and smartwatch only.


For you to use Apple Pay at dairy queen you have to be sure that the particular shop you are currently in has an NFC-enabled payment option. Apple Pay depends solely on Near-field communication for its contactless payment meanwhile Samsung Pay depends on both MST ( magnetic secure transmission ) and NFC( near-field communication ) meaning you can make payments with Samsung Pay at any dairy queen store even though their payment terminal doesn’t support NFC.

Security features

Both Samsung and Apple Pay rely on tokenization to carry out their contactless payments. This is safer in every way as it prevents merchants at dairy queen or any other stores from knowing your card number rather what they receive is a virtual account number and a password that is made available to them this replaces the actual information on your card which they accept and authorize for a successful payment.

Also, both add an extra layer of security to their purchases by authenticating them with Iris scans, touch ID, face ID, fingerprints, etc.

Does Dairy Queen Accept Apple Pay?

Yes, Dairy Queen accepts apple pay just like Samsung Pay but be sure the branch you are currently in has an NFC-enabled payment option that is the only way you can pay with Apple Pay If you are not sure if the store you are in accepts Apple Pay simply ask the cashier.


Contactless payment is the latest quick and convenient way to pay for food or anything without the hassles of carrying cash around this method of payment is fast and it has come to stay. In order to use Samsung Pay you have to be sure you are using a Samsung device or any Android or higher version from 6.0 and above. If you are not sure if dairy queen around you accepts Samsung Pay look for the logo at the checkout or simply ask the cashier if they accept Samsung Pay, if they don’t then you have to pay with cash or any available physical card with you

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