B&M Stores has become a prominent and highly regarded variety retailer in the UK, drawing in an impressive three million shoppers every week. If you’re among the many customers who frequent B&M stores and want to know about their accepted payment methods, this article aims to provide the answer to the question: Does B&M accept Apple Pay?

According to the official website of B&M Stores, this UK-based retail powerhouse does indeed accept Apple Pay as a valid payment option. When you shop at B&M, you have the convenience of using Apple Pay along with a range of other payment methods. The company is dedicated to ensuring a smooth and hassle-free payment experience for its valued customers.

Does B&M Accept Apple Pay

It’s common for stores and businesses around the world to have different policies regarding accepted payment methods. As a result, customers often face inconvenience and are forced to seek alternative ways of paying when their preferred method is not accepted. If you’re an Apple user who’s familiar with using Apple Pay, you may be curious about B&M’s stance on this payment solution. Rest assured, I have the answers you’re looking for.

Does B&M Accept Apple Pay?

B&M accepts Apple Pay. You can use Apple Pay to make payments for your orders at the B&M stores. Indeed, B&M Stores wholeheartedly embraces the convenience of Apple Pay. As a renowned UK-based retail powerhouse, B&M enables its valued customers to effortlessly settle their orders through the utilization of Apple Pay.

Additionally, B&M Stores graciously accommodates an array of other payment options, including cash, Google Pay, e-Vouchers, the esteemed company’s very own gift card, and a multitude of cards (excluding American Express).

Going further into this article, we’ll explore how you can pay with Apple Pay at B&M stores. The article will also highlight some of the payment methods accepted at B&M and how to use them. One good thing about B&M is that they are interested in offering their customers a seamless shopping experience by providing a variety of payment methods.

How to Use Apple Pay at B&M Stores

If you are going to use Apple Pay at B&M stores, the following steps will show you how to:

  1. Once you have selected the items you wish to purchase, locate the Apple Pay contactless area within any B&M store.
  2. Unlock your Apple device.
  3. Ensure that your device is connected to the Apple Pay platform to facilitate the payment process.
  4. If prompted, verify your identity by using Face ID or entering the passcode for your Apple Wallet.
  5. If you prefer to use a card other than your default card on Apple Pay, simply tap your default card and select another card from the available options. Authenticate the selection to proceed.
  6. After authentication, hover the top of your iPhone near the contactless reader area at the B&M Store until you see an on-screen prompt that says ‘Done’ and a checkmark appears on the display.

In addition to Apple Pay, B&M Stores offers a variety of other payment methods for their customers.

What Other Payment Methods Are Accepted at B&M Stores?

Aside from Apple Pay, you can use the following payment options when you shop at B&M stores:

  1. Cash: You know cash is a universally accepted payment method. If you visit a B&M store anywhere in the United Kingdom, you should be able to pay for your purchase with cash.
  2. Credit/debit card: With your credit/debit cards, you can make payments at B&M stores. B&M accepts credit/debit cards from VISA, MasterCard, and any other credit or debit card except American Express (AMEX). You cannot use AMEX to pay at B&M stores.
  3. B&M gift cards: Gift cards are a popular payment method around the world. In B&M stores, you can use B&M gift cards to buy stuff from any of their stores.
  4. Google Pay: Just like Apple Pay, shoppers at B&M stores can easily pay for their purchases with Google Pay. This is another one of B&M’s embraces of contactless payment
  5. B&M E-Voucher: Another unique way B&M makes things easy for customers to shop from them is through the use of e-vouchers. You could buy an e-voucher from VoucherList or the B&M website.

Why Does B&M Not Accept AMEX?

The absence of American Express (AMEX) as an accepted payment method at B&M Stores may stem from various reasons. While specific details regarding B&M’s decision are not readily available, it is common for businesses to make choices based on factors such as transaction fees, customer preferences, and business agreements.

AMEX typically charges higher transaction fees to merchants compared to other payment networks. Some businesses, including B&M, may opt to exclude AMEX as an accepted payment method to reduce costs associated with processing payments. By focusing on alternative payment networks, B&M can potentially streamline its operations and maintain competitive pricing for its products.

Additionally, customer demand and preferences play a significant role in determining which payment methods businesses choose to accept. Although AMEX is a widely recognized and reputable credit card provider, its user base may be comparatively smaller or less prevalent among B&M’s customer demographic. To optimize convenience for the majority of their customers, B&M may have decided to prioritize payment methods that align more closely with their clientele’s preferences.

Lastly, business agreements and partnerships with specific payment networks can influence the acceptance of payment methods. B&M may have entered into agreements with other card networks or financial institutions that offer favorable terms or additional benefits, leading to a selective acceptance of payment methods.

Which is a Better Payment Method at B&M: Credit Cards or Apple Pay

Deciding whether credit cards or Apple Pay is a better payment method at B&M Stores depends on individual preferences and circumstances. Here are some factors to consider:

1. Convenience:

Both credit cards and Apple Pay offer convenience, but Apple Pay provides an added level of ease. With Apple Pay, you can make contactless payments using your Apple device, eliminating the need to carry physical cards or enter PINs. This can be particularly advantageous for quick and seamless transactions.

2. Security:

Both payment methods prioritize security, but Apple Pay offers an extra layer of protection. It uses tokenization and biometric authentication (such as Face ID or Touch ID) to authorize payments, ensuring that your personal and financial information remains secure. Credit cards, on the other hand, rely on chip and PIN or signature verification, which may be more susceptible to fraud or theft.

3. Acceptance:

Credit cards are widely accepted at B&M Stores. You can use various credit card brands, such as Visa, Mastercard, or Discover, to make payments. However, Apple Pay may have limitations depending on the store or region. While B&M does accept Apple Pay, it’s essential to ensure that the specific B&M store you visit supports this payment method.

Overall, at B&M stores, using Apple Pay offers more ease and convenience than credit cards. In my opinion, Apple Pay as a payment method at B&M stores is better than using credit cards.


Does B&M Accept Klarna?

Yes. B&M entered into a partnership with Klarna which lets shoppers pay in four or six installments when they buy things from their stores. If you want to buy anything sold at B&M and would like to split the payment, you can do so using Klarna.

Does B&M accept PayPal?

Yes, B&M Stores accepts PayPal as a payment method. Customers can utilize their PayPal accounts to make purchases both online and in-store at B&M.

Does B&M accept One4all Gift Cards?

Yes, B&M Stores accepts One4all Gift Cards. Customers can use their One4all Gift Cards to pay for their purchases at B&M, providing them with a convenient gifting option.

Does B&M perform home deliveries?

Yes, B&M offers home delivery services. Customers have the option to have their purchases delivered directly to their doorstep for added convenience. However, it’s important to note that delivery services may vary depending on the specific location and availability in your area. It is advisable to check with your local B&M store or their official website for detailed information on their delivery options and any associated terms or fees.


In conclusion, the question of whether B&M accepts Apple Pay has been definitively answered. With its commitment to embracing the latest advancements in payment technology, B&M Stores proudly accepts Apple Pay as a convenient and secure method for customers to complete their transactions. By seamlessly integrating Apple Pay alongside a range of other accepted payment methods, B&M ensures that its valued shoppers have the freedom to choose the payment option that suits them best.

So, whether you’re an avid Apple user or simply seeking a frictionless payment experience, rest assured that B&M Stores has you covered. Shop with ease, knowing that your favorite retailer is keeping pace with the ever-evolving world of digital payments. Unlock the power of Apple Pay and unlock a world of convenience at B&M Stores today. Happy shopping!

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