Yes, Albertsons accept Google Pay. When you shop at Albertsons, you can use the Google Pay app to make an in-store payment or you can use your Google Pay linked to the just for U app. Google Pay is also accepted in Albertsons subsidiary stores.

Albertsons is one of Americans’ top grocery stores with thousands of locations across the State including subsidiary stores, all of which accept the use of Google Pay. If you do not have access to Google Pay, you might wonder what other payment methods are available at Albertsons. If that’s you, keep reading as this article covers Albertson’s payment methods.

Does Albertsons Take Google Pay?

What Payment Methods Are Accepted at Albertsons?

There are several payment methods accepted at Albertsons customers can choose from. When you next visit Albertsons, you can select a convenient payment method from the list provided below.

Here are the available payment methods at Albertsons

  • Cash
  • Debit card
  • Credit cards
  • Personal checks
  • Albertsons gift cards
  • Albertsons Pay
  • Apple Pay
  • EBT

How to use Google Pay at Albertsons

Paying at Albertsons using the Google Pay app is quite an easy one. If you are using an Android phone, follow the steps below:

  • Unlock your phone
  • Next, select the Google Pay app.
  • Tap Menu and then Payment methods
  • Close your payment method, and then select contactless payment.
  • Once the payment type is verified, you can then pay using this payment method.

Those Using a Smartwatch

You can pay with Google Pay at Albertsons using a smartwatch by following the steps below:

  • Open the Google Pay app
  • Select “get started,”
  • Follow the guide for using Google Pay on your watch.

Does Albertsons accept Apple Pay?

Yes, Albertsons accepts Apple Pay as a payment method. This payment method is accepted at all Albertson’s outlets. This works for shoppers with iPhone SE, iPhone 6, and later, and Apple Watch. You can also link your Apple Pay to the Just for U app so you can use your Apple Pay balance when shopping. While you are allowed to use Apple Pay for in-store payment at Albertsons, you can also use Apple Pay at Albertsons gas stations. Additionally, you can select Apple Pay as your payment method through Albertsons mobile app when shopping online.

Does Albertsons accept Apple Pay for Instacart?

Yes, Albertsons accepts Apple Pay for Instacart. When you order on Instacart, either through the Instacart app or website, Albertsons allows you to pay using the Apple wallet. Once your order is confirmed your items get delivered to you the same day.

Does Albertsons accept Samsung Pay?

No, Albertsons does not accept Samsung Pay. Though the grocery store does accept NFC-based payment methods, the use of Samsung Pay has not been incorporated as a payment method

Does Albertsons take Venmo?

No Albertsons does not take Venmo. While the grocery store accepts the use of Google Pay and Apple Pay, the use of Venmo isn’t an accepted payment method. It is best you choose from the available mobile pay methods allowed at the store when you shop with Albertsons.

Does Albertsons take EBT?

Yes, Albertsons accepts EBT. Subject to state regulations, EBT beneficiaries can shop at Albertsons using the EBT card. Additionally, shoppers can also use EBT for online purchases at Albertsons. Trying to use the EBT cash to purchase unapproved state items will lead to a decline in your payment.


Can you pay with phone at Albertsons?

Yes, you can pay by phone at Albertsons. With the Albertsons Club card, customers can enjoy a touchless checkout. Once you’re ready to pay, the cashier can scan your club card as well as your payment information from your phone. You’ll not need to enter your phone number or slide your card on the pin pad.

Does Albertsons accept tap-to-pay?

Yes, Albertsons accepts tap pay. The store has adopted the use of contactless payment methods allowing the use of Google Pay, Apple Pay, and also its branded mobile app called Just for U app. Once the app is set up on your phone, you can show the QR code in the app at checkout to earn rewards, apply discounts and also pay for your groceries. Just like with NFC-based payment methods, you can link a debit or credit card to the Just for U app.

Does Albertsons do cashback?

Yes, Albertsons do cash back. Albertsons are among the stores that allow customers cash back when they shop with a debit card. Albertsons allows you to make withdrawals from your checking account when you swipe your card and enter your PIN during checkout.

Can I write a check at Albertsons?

Yes, you can write a check at Albertsons. This grocery store allows for the use of checks. With a bank close to the store, customers can write checks when they shop at Albertsons.

Is Albertsons only in California?

No, Albertsons has about 655 locations in Arizona. This includes Colorado, Florida, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, and Wyoming.

Final Take on Does Albertsons Accept Google Pay

If you’ve read to this point, you sure do know by now that Albertsons does accept Google Pay. The grocery store has adopted the NFC payment service which allows customers to use Google Pay and Apple Pay as well as its mobile pay app called the Just for U app which works fine with NFC. Shoppers are also open to the use of debit and credit cards, cash, personal checks as well as EBT cards. There’s always a convenient way to pay at Albertsons.

Hope you found this article helpful.

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