There are so many reasons people use VPNs when trading crypto. Two of the major reasons are: concealing one’s IP address for untraceable transactions and being able to trade crypto assets in banned/restricted locations. Whatever your reasons are, certain VPN countries have proven to be the best when it comes to trading crypto. In this article, we will review the best VPN countries for crypto trading. 

best VPN country for crypto

One of the benefits of choosing a good VPN country for crypto is that you can have unrestricted access and proper privacy coverage to trade safely. We will explore the benefits of choosing the right VPN location for crypto trading but before that let’s look at what countries offer traders the freedom to perform transactions in digital assets. 

Best VPN Country for Crypto Review

The following are VPN locations for crypto trading where buyers and sellers can rest assured of seamless transactions:

  1. Switzerland 
  2. Iceland 
  3. Panama 
  4. British Virgin Islands 
  5. Singapore 
  6. Estonia 
  7. El Salvador

We will go into why and how each country makes it into this list of best VPN countries for crypto. 


While it seems cryptocurrency trading is dying, it has been growing massively in Switzerland. If you didn’t know, cryptocurrency is legal in Switzerland and it is considered legal tender in some cities. In the 2023 fiscal year, when everyone thought the end had come for digital assets, there were several reports stemming out of Switzerland that showed unprecedented growth levels

The legalization of crypto in Switzerland is not the only reason that almost grants it the best VPN country for crypto spot. Switzerland is not part of the 14-eye alliance which means the country experiences a level of data privacy, unlike any part of the world. If you do not know what the 14-eye alliance is, read this guide

What this means for crypto traders is that their information cannot be accessed at random as the country has strict personal privacy protection. In August last year, they updated the Personal Privacy Protection Act, bolstering the freedom its citizens enjoy. 

When you use a VPN like NordVPN to connect to Swiss servers you are guaranteed smooth transactions and trading without having to look over your shoulders. NordVPN is offering a 67% discount when you sign up. Get it NOW. 


Iceland is on this list for three unique offerings: strong data protection, minimal surveillance, and freedom from major surveillance alliances. Aside from that, Iceland has become a haven for Bitcoin miners to thrive despite the concerns about its impact on climate change. Bloomberg referred to it as a refuge and if you want to go into crypto, this is one country to be in. 

Several initiatives seek to make Iceland a center for blockchain and crypto trading. From all indications, Iceland is the face of cryptocurrency in the world today, or so the country wants to feel. As such, when you connect your VPN location to Iceland, you are free to soar in the world of crypto trading, especially Bitcoin. 


Fancy resorts, staycation hotels, and turquoise beaches are not the only things Panama is known for. Cryptocurrency is a buzz concept over there and although it has not attained legal status like in Iceland and Switzerland, Panama is ideal for privacy-focused traders thanks to its non-mandatory data retention laws. 

There seems to be a back-and-forth in the country over whether crypto assets should be made legal tenders. The National Assembly of Panama in 2022 passed a bill that legalizes the use and commercialization of crypto. Last year, the country’s highest judicial body rejected the law to make certain cryptocurrencies legal. 

While this places crypto trading in the balance, the freedom to transact crypto using a Panama VPN server is still possible. 

British Virgin Islands 

The widespread adoption of cryptocurrency wasn’t a threat to the British Virgin Islands as some countries saw it. Instead of clamping down on the propagation of cryptocurrency, BVI decided to formulate ways to regulate it seeing cryptocurrency as a potential investment magnet. 

BVI’s Financial Services Commission (FSC) instituted the VASP Act in February 2023 providing a level playing ground for crypto investments in the region. Individuals and businesses alike are allowed to trade in crypto and part of the regulation by the FSC is to provide privacy for traders. 

This privacy is harnessed in VPNs and if you are using a secured VPN like NordvVPN, setting your location to the British Virgin Islands is a choice you may want to make. 


Singapore is crypto-friendly and just recently the government hinted that plans are underway to formulate more trader-friendly rules for the crypto community in the country. Businesses accepting payments in crypto is a norm now and there are massive firms that are creating exchanges and pushing the frontiers of global adoption. 

The freedom and access to cryptocurrency enjoyed in Singapore make choosing it as a VPN location worth it. 


Estonia is another crypto-friendly country. The European destination intends to allow crypto traders to thrive. Every policy the country has on crypto is targeted at fostering its growth and development. Popular exchanges from around the world recognize the leverage of working in Estonia so you can be sure your Bitcoin and other crypto assets can be traded with ease.

The crypto revolution in Estonia is astonishing. A survey conducted in 2023 showed that Estonians want to pay for their food with digital currencies., an attestation of the fact that you cannot go wrong when you use Estonia as your VPN country location for crypto trading. 

El Salvador

The first country to make Bitcoin a legal tender, forcing businesses to accept it, El Salvador could be considered the best VPN country for crypto. Now, the country is offering citizenship for $1 million in Bitcoin investment. 

If you can find El Salvador on the VPN server you are using to trade crypto, do not waste time in choosing it. There’s no guarantee for speed but you can be sure your IP address is safe and you can make transactions with anyone from anywhere. 

Benefits of Choosing the Right VPN Location for Crypto Trading

These are some of the benefits of choosing the right VPN and location for crypto trading:

Enhancing Privacy

One of the foremost advantages is the bolstering of privacy. By encrypting your internet connection, a VPN safeguards your trading activities and the sensitive details of your crypto wallet. This protective measure shields you from potential hackers and prying eyes, ensuring the confidentiality of your transactions.

Bypassing Geo-restrictions

Crypto exchanges may impose geographical restrictions, limiting your access based on your location. Utilizing a VPN allows you to transcend these limitations, granting you access to a broader spectrum of crypto exchanges. By masking your true IP address, a VPN creates the illusion that you are accessing the platform from an unrestricted region, ensuring uninterrupted trading.

Preventing ISP Throttling

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) can sometimes throttle your connection, especially during peak network traffic. This throttling can impede your trading activities, causing disruptions at critical moments. A VPN acts as a shield against such interference, maintaining a stable and optimal internet speed for seamless crypto trading. This ensures that your ISP cannot discriminate against your trading endeavors, providing a consistent and reliable experience.

Final Thoughts on the Best VPN Country for Crypto

It is hard to decide on one country that should hold the title of best VPN country for crypto trading. Switzerland and El Salvador are great options but you also have Iceland, Panama, Singapore, and the others reviewed in this article. Some that weren’t reviewed include Germany, Georgia, and Portugal to mention a few. 

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