American Express gift cards have added to the overall convenience we enjoy today when it comes to digital payment methods. However, it comes with its hiccups and challenges. If your American Express gift card is not working, this article explores the reasons behind this occurrence and attempts to provide solutions.

American Express Gift Card Not Working

American Express Gift Card Not Working: Possible Causes

Your American Express gift card may not work if you enter incorrect details at checkout pages, have insufficient balance, use the gift card on unsupported platforms, or have not activated the gift card. Additionally, American Express gift cards come with expiry dates and they’d stop working once the card expires. 

For clarity, I’d be discussing each of these causes and providing solutions later on. American Express offers personal and business gift cards in both electronic and physical formats. All types encounter these problems so whichever one you have, these problems are susceptible to your card and its solutions can help rectify whatever challenge you may face.

Entering Invalid Card Details 

Like every card-like payment method, using an American Express gift card requires entering the card number, CVV, and card expiration date. If you enter any of the aforementioned details incorrectly, your AMEX gift card will not work. The card will be declined.

Insufficient Balance

This is a common issue as touching the issue of cards not working. A lot of the time, shoppers get their cards declined because they do not have enough funds to cover the cost of their purchase. If you are using an American Express gift card and it declines, it could be that the cost of what you are buying is more than the balance on the gift card.

Expired Gift Card

The American Express gift card has an expiration date which is inscribed on the gift card. Once the gift card expires, you won’t be able to use it to make payments as expected.

Technical Errors 

Technical errors are often at the hem of issues with digital payment methods like gift cards and contactless payments. You may have enough balance on your American Express gift card and entered its details correctly but if you there are technical glitches on American Express’ end, your payment won’t go through.

Using AMEX Gift Card on Unsupported Platforms

Despite American Express’ popularity, its gift card is not accepted at every location or platform. We commonly find payment options rejected by certain platforms for a variety of reasons. Some may be out of sheer competition while others may be as a result of processing fees. It is quintessential to note that American Express is not universally accepted and the region you may be buying from or the platform does not accept American Expres gift cards.

AMEX Gift Card not Activated 

American Express gift cards come in physical and eGift card forms. Now, if you buy an American Express gift card, it comes ready to use but when you buy a gift card from a store, the card has to be activated before it can be used.

How to Fix American Express Gift Card Not Working

The following are ways you can fix your American Express gift card based on the issues already presented:

Verify Details

Double-check your American Express details to be sure you are entering them correctly. Sometimes, you can be typing ‘1’ instead of the letter ‘I.’ Always make sure you are entering your correct details otherwise you’d keep getting error messages.

Confirm Your Balance

You should confirm if you have sufficient funds to cover the cost of your purchase with the gift card. Sadly, if your American Express gift card balance cannot cover the purchase, you have to try another alternative. AMEX gift cards are not reloadable. You cannot add funds to the gift card if its current balance is not enough to cover the purchase.

Check the Card’s Expiration Date

To be sure that you do not have an expired American Express gift card, look for the card’s expiry date. The expiration date on an AMEX gift card is a string of four digits separated by a forward slash (/). It is the month and year of the card’s expiration that’s denoted by the string. A card that will expire in September 2024 will appear as 09/24 on the card. If your gift card has expired and there are funds left in it, you can contact American Express gift card customer service to transfer and issue a new one.

Contact American Express Gift Card Customer Service

Contacting AMEX’s gift card customer service is the ultimate solution to fixing the American Express gift card not working. You can contact customer service by calling the number 1-877-297-4438. The line is open to receive calls from 8 AM to 12 AM every day of the week. Alternatively, you can contact customer service via

How Long Does it Take to Activate an American Express Gift Card?

While your American Express gift card does not require activation if you bought it online, buying one from a store requires activation. You would have to go to the store where you bought the card from to have it activated or follow the instructions on the gift card for activation.

How Can I Check My American Express Gift Card Balance?

American Express Gift Card Balance

You can check your American Express gift card balance by visiting Once the page loads, follow the steps below:

  1. Enter your gift card number
  2. Next, enter the card’s expiration date
  3. Enter your 4-digit security code which is on the gift card
  4. You may enter your email address if you want
  5. Tap, Sign In, and once the page loads, you’d see what is left on your card.

Do American Express Gift Card Funds Expire?

While American Express gift cards have expiry dates, the money in them does not expire. If your current AMEX gift card expires and there’s money in it, you can call the company’s customer care and have a new card issued with the balance of the old one transferred to the new card.

Does American Express Gift Card Work on Amazon?

Yes. American Express gift cards work on Amazon. The e-commerce giants accept cards and gift cards from VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. You can use your AMEX gift card to buy stuff on Amazon.

Why does my American Express Gift Card Keep Getting Declined on Amazon?

A lot of users have repeatedly complained about how their American Express gift card gets declined when they are shopping on Amazon. The major reason your American Express gift card keeps getting declined on Amazon is that the card is set to a billing address different from what you are using on Amazon. Anti-fraud measures have made such occurrences less overlooked and you’d have to ensure the billing address on both AMEX and Amazon are the same.

Other reasons why your American Express gift card keeps getting declined on Amazon may be due to insufficient funds, entering incorrect details, or using an expired gift card.


By following the tips shared in this article, I am sure you’d be able to accurately decipher why your American Express gift card may not be working. If you encounter an issue that seems to be beyond the scope of this article, contacting the AMEX gift card customer service is the best way to get it resolved.

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